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Sajama Cut

Sajama Cut
Sajama Cut

Sajama Cut was formed in 1999 in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have released 4 critically-acclaimed LPs, numerous EPs, and participated in more than a few film soundtrack and compilation records including the box office hit “Janji Joni” and legendary “JKT: SKRG”. Their singles “Less Afraid”, “Fallen Japanese”, “Alibi” , and “Paintings/ Pantings” reached top positions in a variety of radio charts. Sajama Cut has received critical adoration from publications including Rolling Stone, Nylon, Esquire, Trax, FHM, Jakarta Post, etc. The band has performed on numerous live TV broadcasts including Indonesian Morning Show, various MTV ID shows, ANTV Radio Show, MTV Insomnia etc. (text & image source:


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Sajama Cut Band
Sajama Cut Band