Sunset Limited is a particularly designed cafe, public space, and shop, located at Jl. Kemang Timur No.69E, Jakarta Selatan. It is a "melting pot" for creative minds to hang-out and discuss collaboration and other creative endeavours.

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    Mon-Sun: 10am - Midnight

    Jl Kemang Timur no.69E,
    Jakarta 12730


Ardneks: Kendra Ahimsa


Seven was the age Kendra Ahimsa said his first curse word. It was also the age he first discovered the meditative joy of drawing. He was one of those curious kids who ate the paste when no one saw him. At first he just wasted the money his mother invested in schoolbooks by drawing them with stuff he thought was funny, until he saw how drawing works as a medium that could channel limitless imaginations. From illustrations to the first photograph he took, roamed around museums, vintage ephemeras and cornucopia of books, his fondness of visual arts gradually blossomed as he grew up. He is now known under the moniker Ardneks, a multi-disciplinary visual outlet with a distinct style that heavily hallmarks music while at the same time peels on the playful combination of various cultures and pop references.

Kendra Ahimsa Ardneks

“Unlike the majority of rising, younger artists here, Kendra’s artistry is incomparable to any particular well-known artist as shown during his recent solo exhibition at Kemang’s Sunset Limited”, The Jakarta Post, 2016. Click here to The Jakarta Post Ardneks about Kendra Ahimsa / Ardneks.

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